Riding Expressions: Honda Africa Twin


The new 2020 Honda Africa Twin has arrived in South Africa, and I must say a lot has changed on this model. The motor, for one, is now 86cc bigger with a longer stroke and different heads. The exhaust has also changed and there is a new gearbox. The bike has an additional 7 horse power and 6% more torque which, let’s say, makes it a bit more enthusiastic than the previous model.

In addition to the above changes Honda features a very large TFT display which integrates with your iPhone so that you can now have the navigation on the bug display. The TFT touch screen displays all your settings for example, heated grips, different ride modes and so forth.


The tested bike was the adventure sports version. This model comes with a bigger tank so this means less stops to fuel up on those long trips.


I really enjoyed the new electronic suspension (only available on the adventure sports model). This has 4 pre-set settings: urban, gravel, off-road and urban. Another new feature is the two custom settings which you can use to set and control different functions such as traction control, cornering ABS and engine braking.


This new model is also a bit lower than the previous version. As I am on the short side, this is a welcome change. The screen, for me, was a bit of a let-down as it still requires you to manually adjust it and this is a both-hands operation which is not ideal. When will Honda give us an electronic screen? On that, I also would have liked the bike to have a built-in tyre monitoring system. This I believe will be easy to integrate into the fantastic new TFT screen on this model.


The tyres that the bike came with are 50/50 Bridgestone tyres and I must say they tend to move around a bit. I would definitely change these tyres.


Overall, however, Honda Africa Twin has done a sterling job on the new Africa Twin. What I would really love to see in future model is a shaft drive, we are all sick of maintaining a chain.


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