Island biking


Whilst visiting the Reunion Islands I was amazed to see how many motorcycles there were on this small island. Now I would expect the odd scooter, but there seems to be no real popular choice in motorcycles.


Some bikers were riding small cc scooters whilst others were on 600cc super bikes There was even the odd Suzuki Huyabusa 1300.


Biking on the island does make sense as there is quite a bit of traffic. This is especially so during peak times with people travelling to and from work. There are both similarities and differences to South Africa. It was clear that lane splitting in The Reunion Islands is as legal as in South Africa. Helmets are compulsory and all bikes have number plates unlike South Africa. The only thing here, is that the majority of motorcyclists do not were any other protective gear.


I suggest to any motorcycle enthusiast that visits the island to hire a bike for at least one day as this is a good way to get around the Reunion Islands. You can use the opportunity to feel the ocean air whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery. This is not to mention the many many twisting mountain passes which I’m sure on a bike are quiet enjoyable unlike in a vehicle as these roads are quite narrow and some have major drop offs.


To conclude, no matter where you are in the world, even a small place such as the Reunion Islands, you will find likeminded bike enthusiasts. There is always a large variety of motorcycles except the one that I have never seen before which is the image of the Peugeot motorcycle.


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