Joining Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry


MasterDrive is proud to announce that the organisation is now a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During what has been a complex and revolutionary year for business, MasterDrive is proud to be a member of an established network of businesses that can help one another thrive.

cape chamber of commerce and industry

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, anticipates an enriching and fulfilling year with the Chamber by its side. “We were fortunate to not only survive the challenges that were presented by COVID-19 last year but thrive with growth and welcomed additions to our training complement. Yet, we too felt the strain that lockdown and the slump in the economy placed on many businesses. We now feel even more confident to face the challenges that are still to come as a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and industry.


“Our membership not only creates access to a community of businesses operating in the Cape but adds our interests to the voice the Chamber has when addressing and discussing issues that affect business. We also anticipate participating in seminars and workshops and upskilling the company as a whole with new and important information to prosper as a successful business. The team also looks forward to the opportunities this will present within the international trade arena.”


As we head into what is likely to be another difficult year for business, MasterDrive faces it with the confidence their strong business processes, and now the membership to the Chamber, present. “The entire team lives by the motto to embrace challenges and find the opportunities that lie within every challenge, no matter their size.


“We look forward to continue operating by this ethos this year. As a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and industry, we believe that many more opportunities will present themselves irrespective of what the new business environment evolves to during the course of 2021,” says Herbert.

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