Let us entertain you during lockdown


As from Friday 27 April, many people will be working remotely as the country goes into lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19. Despite the major change this will entail for many, our loyal readers can continue reading our weekly newsletter and take a break from all the pressure and demands that the current state of the country currently finds itself.


Our editorial team will still be working remotely to bring you all your favourite content. We will still publish stories throughout the week at www.mastertorque.co.za and send out our weekly newsletter.


For those who are unable to work remotely and do not have access to the inboxes to which the newsletter is delivered, do not fear. If you send an alternative email address to editor@masterdrive.co.za, we will ensure that the MasterTorque newsletter is still delivered to you, no matter what you are doing over the course of the next 21 days.


Our planned content over the next few weeks will keep you informed about how to handle the challenges COVID-19 is presenting to our daily lives and once we resume normal activity. You can also continue to enjoy the reviews on the latest vehicles whether you are simply interested the different vehicles or in the market for a personal or commercial vehicle. Do not forget, our jokes section will also be there to give you a laugh during this trying time.


Whether you are facing the coming weeks with trepidation or acceptance, let MasterDrive’s newsletter be your companion during this time, keeping you connected with the transport industry. Until we all return to our normal roles, stay safe and healthy.


The MasterTorque team


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