Making road safety a winning mindset


Road safety is one of the most important outcomes of the driver training offered by MasterDrive – and we support efforts by others to achieve it too.


One such initiative is Hollard Highway Heroes, an annual competition that promotes road safety through better and safer truck driving. It identifies (and richly rewards) South Africa’s best truck driver. MasterDrive is a preferred training supplier to Hollard Trucking.


“MasterDrive appreciates any opportunity to improve road safety on South African roads. We applaud Hollard on this initiative, and look forward to working with them in the future,” says MasterDrive managing director Eugene Herbert.


MasterDrive joined Hollard for the big reveal of the special branding on the winner’s truck. The Highway Hero for 2018, Stephen Meje, who works for Pretoria-based Faith Wheels, now has his face and the Hollard Highway Heroes branding emblazoned on his truck.


Meje delight and pride was clearly apparent when saw the truck’s new branding. “The truck looks so beautiful!” he said when asked about its new livery.


Mark Fourie, director of Faith Wheels, says it not only trumpets Meje’s success, but benefits both Faith Wheels and Elegant Fuel as well. “For branding and awareness, it’s excellent for the Faith Wheels and Elegant Fuel brands. Everyone will see it.”


Fourie lauded Meje as a highly skilled driver. “He really embraced Hollard Highway Heroes and was motivated to do well. His achievement makes all our drivers more attentive about road safety.


“This creates a win-win situation for both of our companies, our drivers and the public. Since March 2018 we’ve transported 370-million litres of fuel over 7.5-million kilometres without fatalities,” says Fourie.


Elegant Group director, Ryno Strydom, says Elegant shared Meje and Faith Wheels’ Highway Heroes win, which illustrates the value of empowering people. “We always put our people first, including the communities in which we operate, students and schoolchildren, our customers, our own staff and those of our partners – including the drivers of our trucks.


“And what we get in return is quality, as demonstrated by Stephen Meje; his recognition as Hollard Highway Hero for 2018 is a great achievement, and a big and empowering win for us,” says Strydom.


Meje says that the R100 000 prize he won at the end of last year has meant great things for him and his family.“I have a child at university, and I put some money towards her education. I also made renovations to my house,” he explains.


It was wonderful to witness Meje’s reaction to the truck reveal, says Hollard Highway Heroes competition manager Elka du Piesanie. “To see Stephen’s great delight at how we’ve branded his truck was a reminder of just how meaningful Highway Heroes is to the drivers who participate in it.


“Which makes the prospect of the 2019 Highway Heroes that much more exciting. We have great plans for this year’s competition, which we will soon reveal,” says Du Piesanie.


Irrespective of what this year’s competition may bring, what it takes to win won’t change at all. Asked for some tips. Meje was also clear. “Always plan your route – and what time you’re leaving, and when you expect to arrive [at your destination]. Don’t drive on the barrier line, and always respect the laws of the road. And be patient.”


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