67 minutes of safety tips


During this year’s ’67 minutes’ for Mandela Day, MasterDrive plans to share safety tips with young drivers at Holy Rosary School for Girls. MasterDrive will team up with Women INPowered (WiP) and Autodealer to help learners stay safe in the various scenarios they will encounter on the roads.


The managing director at MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says they have noticed schools are increasingly becoming the targets of criminals. “In one incident, following a robbery at Edenvale High School criminals escaped by hijacking a student’s Uber when police arrived. Luckily, the student was not in the vehicle but if they had been, things could have been very different.


“Young drivers are also the group most vulnerable to road crashes and fatalities. Their inexperience makes them vulnerable and ill-equipped to avoid potentially fatal situations that people who have been driving for many years can. They are also the group most likely to indulge in distracted and reckless driving and forgo seatbelts.”


It is for this reason that the three organisations are joining forces to help spread messages of safety with new drivers. Autodealer will demonstrate illustrate the dangers of distracted driving. WiP will teach the learners about a basic safety technique should their personal safety ever feel threatened. Meanwhile, MasterDrive will share their Urban Survival Xperience (USX) that demonstrates how to extract yourself if hijacked, amongst other safety skills.


MasterDrive is grateful to use their 67 minutes to help learners remain safe as they begin their adult lives. “A focus of Mandela Day this year is ensuring all youth have access to education. What use is that, however, if criminals and reckless driving put an abrupt halt to that? With the skills we transfer, we hope to ensure these learners can take up every opportunity presented to them as they begin their adult lives,” says Herbert.


WiP, Autodealer and MasterDrive would also like to thank Williams Hunt Edenvale for their support of this initiative. They have supplied a vehicle which the presenters can use in their practical demonstrations. There is no better way to leave a lasting impression with the learners than with a real-life demonstration. Visit their website here


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