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MasterDrive welcomes level one

As from Monday, South African started lockdown level one restrictions: most South Africans are returning to work, borders, by air or car, are open and increased numbers are permitted at gatherings. As with the other drops in lockdown levels, this will bring about some changes for South Africans.   The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, […]

Safe truck driving pre and post lockdown

Since the start of lockdown, truck drivers were often at the forefront of the measures taken to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it was a tanker delivering petrol or food items on a light truck, it was due to this industry that South Africa continued to function throughout all stages of the lockdown.   As […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) experience in SOWETO

SOWETO the biggest township in South Africa has been through turbulent times with coronavirus (COVID-19) in the picture. The situation is disturbing every living thing and the systems that drive its culture. The people have even coined a satirical term for the virus, it is now referred to as ‘Coved’ derived from COVID and the mask […]

Cellphone use in mobile workplaces

According to the National Safety Council, 1.6 million deaths in the USA are attributed to cellphone use while driving. In the workplace, up to 40% of workplace injuries are attributed to crashes. A large portion of these are due to cellphone use whilst driving, however, exactly how many is unclear. If one were to apply […]