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Ford hosts Transport Month Webinar

South African drivers are facing many challenges as they traverse the roads during the time of COVID-19. From challenges to road safety to the need to re-accustom yourself to driving after months away from the traffic of your daily commute, coronavirus is even affecting driving.   The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says it […]

Toolbox Talks to the rescue

The measures taken to reduce the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, has created financial difficulties for many companies that will persist for some time. Yet, despite these difficulties, there is often very little these companies can cut back on, irrespective of challenges being faced on the roads.   The managing director […]

Collaborating for success

Many organisations have come to the conclusion that the rewards of collaboration far outstrip the benefits of ‘going it alone.’   MasterDrive and Accident Specialists entered into a cooperation agreement that will see greater synergy between the two organisations. This cooperation will positively contribute toward ensuring that road safety stays a top focus point.   […]

Road safety for schoolchildren

As South Africa settles into its new normal, more emphasis needs to be placed on ensuring the safety of schoolchildren on the roads. Children were kept out of school for a large portion of the year to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet, as much as 50% of parents believe the roads are not safe […]