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MasterDrive and EWT work together

Road users often overlooked when one considers road safety is wildlife. Strategies to improve road safety and the well-being of those on the roads should always include road ecology, particularly in rural or country areas. This is why MasterDrive works closely with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in ensuring this.   MasterDrive is an advanced […]

Everything you didn’t know about distracted driving

April 2021 monthly bulletin    Read more monthly bulletins  

MasterDrive strengthens cybersecurity

In March 2020, there was a 400% increase in threats to cybersecurity. While it has always been a concern that companies need to pay attention to, COVID-19 has increased the need to take threats to cybersecurity very seriously as virtual interaction grows.   MasterDrive has paid heed to this change and has undertaken upgrades to […]

MasterDrive trains throughout the holidays

MasterDrive will remain open throughout the Easter school holidays to continue delivering training to any businesses that need to continue meeting their health and safety requirements. We hope to minimise the effect COVID-19 has had on the operations of many businesses over the past year.   The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says: “Our […]