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Win with celebrity stylist Skye Mendes!

At MasterDrive‚Äôs last Women in Transport event, we partnered with celebrity stylist, Skye Mendes, to provide tips and advice on how to change a few simple approaches to style and your personal brand to see a massive difference in your professional life.   MasterDrive is partnering with Mendes again to find out more about the […]

Driving and skin cancer

Cancer affects the lives of many people. While there is nothing you can do to prevent certain types of cancer, there are some where you can take preventative measures. Such measures are often required if you spend a fair amount of time driving.   As part of World Cancer Day last week, the managing director […]

Road safety pledge

Encouraging your employees to be the best drivers they can be is one step in the right direction to improving road safety within your organisation and in society in general. Yet, words can only have power if they are supported by actions. Every organisation that prioritises road safety can act on their words by signing […]

Holiday road fatalities in perspective

When a Boeing 737 crashed in Iran at the beginning of January, 176 people were killed. The incident dominated headlines and much grief was expressed over the needless tragedy. Many South Africans are among those left shaken by the incident but what they may not realise is that an even bigger tragedy was suffered in […]