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Veld fire causes serious crash

A multi-vehicle pile-up on the N3 resulted in the deaths of at least nine people near Spruitview in Johannesburg yesterday. Authorities have yet to confirm a cause but initial reports suggest that the smoke from a veld fire contributed to the chaos. As we head into the drier winter months in parts of South Africa, […]

MasterDrive expands

Over the last few months, in the drive to improve the service MasterDrive offers its clients, the company has seen impressive growth. A focus on client concentricity has resulted in price increases being placed on hold, the waiving of certain additional fees and extra discounts placed on courses that can improve the ease of doing […]

Did you #SpeakUp during road safety week?

As the 5th UN Global Road Safety Week draws to a close, South Africans should be asking themselves how many of us actually did #SpeakUp for road safety? That was the theme of this year’s road safety week which seeks to reduce the 1.35 million deaths that occur on the roads globally every year.   […]

360 Degrees of foresight

MasterDrive has introduced a number of initiatives over the last few months to improve their client’s ease of doing business and as part of their customer concentricity objective. In their latest initiative, the MasterDrive team is using the latest technology to act on potential delays that their trainers encounter as soon as it happens.   […]