MasterDrive is ready for business


In line with the regulation put in place for businesses returning to work under level four restrictions, MasterDrive has redesigned and restructured their work area and operations for the safety of all.


Before opening, the offices were disinfected and sanitised by a professional service provider.


A number of new additions can be seen at the MasterDrive offices. One of these is clear Perspex partitioning between work stations. This has also been installed at the training facility.


In addition to this, the seating positions have been rearranged to allow for interaction between MasterDrive employees but while still maintaining the 1,5m social distancing recommendations.


Virtual training has been introduced for clients that want to make use of the benefits of instructor-led training rather than solely online learning. The training facility has also been adapted to ensure the health and well-being of customers.


Vehicles are sprayed-down between sessions and trainers are equipped with PPE.


The process of sanitising and keeping training areas clean has also been communicated clearly


We look forward to providing for your training needs, in whatever format this may be.


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