MasterDrive upskills the team


MasterDrive used the time during level four and five lockdown constructively by upskilling their sales and bookings teams. The team embarked on a course entitled, ‘Futuristic Excellence in Leadership Sales and Customer Care Training.’ The training will not only guide them in their future endeavours at work but will play a role in most spheres of their life. 


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the team used the time to help various people within MasterDrive better understand the motivations of the people they deal with on a daily basis within a context where COVID-19 continues to affect all facets of life. “The training focused on developing the skills that team members who deal with clients need to successfully operate in an environment that is currently dictated by COVID-19.


“The manner in which we engaged with clients previously will no longer suffice with the demands that coronavirus has placed on all. We need to be adept at engaging on virtual platforms as the norm rather than something we are using until we can meet in person. There is also need for people to understand that products and services or customer care that helps an individual or company deal with lockdown restrictions is an essential need currently. The training helped the team become even more proficient in providing for these needs.”


On completion of the training, team members revealed how the training affected many spheres of their lives. “It was encouraging to see the team members take aspects of each of their personalities and relate it back to the skills they had learnt. Each person demonstrated how they related to the information shared both when dealing with clients and in their own relationships.


“Overall, the experience was an enriching one that we look forward to implementing with our clients by our side. Helping you through this time while still continuing to meet everyday needs and demands is important to us,” says Herbert.


Jamie-Leigh Daniels, from Business Support, illustrated the funnel effect of teamwork and customer care. By starting at the top, the positive effects of teamwork will funnel all the way down to the bottom. Jamie-Leigh won an award for her presentation.


Sue Lottering, the Sales Manager, shared the importance of understanding that as you journey through life you take on passengers (like a positive attitude) and let others off (things that hold you back like negative thoughts).


Leoni Kuhn, from the sales team, used her hobby of knitting to show how different personalities ‘knit’ together within an organisation to make up the fabric of that organisation.


Khosi Dick, from Business Support, illustrated how opening yourself up to positivity will yield better results.


Lauren Hawthorne, the Commercial Director, used her understanding of each person present to show how engaging with one another is important to better understand those around you and consequently succeed as a team.


Ellen van Tonder, from sales, used one of her favourite pastimes, arranging flowers, to illustrate the idea that like a flower arrangement we are made of of the different experience we encounter at work and in our personal lives.


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