MasterDrive upskills the team


At a recent 4×4 day, the MasterDrive team had the opportunity to learn some new skills themselves. The MasterDrive trainers assisted the rest of our team members complete a small course to add more skills to their driving expertise.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says as an organisation that values the upskilling of individuals, this applies to their own employees as well. “Every few months we organise an event that allows our employees to develop their skills. It becomes both a team building exercise and an opportunity to learn something new.


“An indirect benefit of this is that the team is also able to provide better customer service. By participating in the training exercises that they organise for clients, the MasterDrive team better understands what a training session entails and can better guide our clients when they have questions.”


A great time was had by all and the team looks forward to helping you book your 4×4 training for your own teams.


A driver attempts his first 4×4 experience on an incline called ‘the Graveyard’ with entertaining and breath-taking result.


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