MasterDrive’s lockdown measures


South Africa followed in the steps of many other countries by placing the country into a nationwide lockdown. MasterDrive supports the decision made by President Cyril Ramaphosa as necessary to act quickly and decisively to the rapidly rising number of infections.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, is assuring clients that despite the lockdown, the company is ready and prepared to assist you in meeting your training requirements. “While our trainers will not be able to provide training in-person, our eLearning programme will ensure that drivers of non-essential products and services will remain proactive by meeting their training requirements via the programme.


“Since the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in South Africa, MasterDrive has been preparing policies and plans to assist in ensuring that workforces that cannot work remotely, can use their time constructively by completing the theory component of their training. Once South Africa has contained the virus, the in-vehicle assessments can be completed.”


With regard to administration needs, MasterDrive employees will work remotely. “Our team members will be available to assist with rescheduling bookings that occur during the lockdown period and assist with booking appointments once lockdown has been lifted. Our team is equipped and able to answer any other questions that you may have during this time.”


The role that MasterDrive plays in the safe and efficient operations of many businesses is an important one. “The company will not fail our valued clients during this time. We are more connected and flexible in our communications than ever before and this will become an invaluable means through which we can continue providing our service.


MasterDrive is in full support of the Presidency’s measures and we will follow the recommendations put in place and even go beyond this to ensure South Africa prevents an even bigger crisis than we already face,” assures Herbert.


Should you need to contact MasterDrive during this time, please use the following contact numbers:

Administration and accounts: Natalie 078 225 1429

Training: Venessa 074 119 7793

Sales: Sue 065 521 8213

Cape Town office: Gino 074 140 9419

Durban office: Clarise 074 139 7213

Any other queries: Nishani 083 418 1995


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