Name change for the National Road Safety Partnership


The Global Road Safety Partnership in South Africa has undergone a name change to the National Road Safety Partnership (NRSP). Importantly, the NRSP will retain its close ties to the international GRSP from where the organisation developed 21 years ago.


The newly appointed chairperson of the NRSP, Eugene Herbert, says that the NRSP will continue to collaborate and share knowledge with the international GRSP. “Road safety partnerships are dedicated to taking proactive measures to grow global road safety and awareness initiatives. Increasing road safety is an international issue that requires participation from both local and international organisations and the NRSP and GRSP develop this crucial connection.


“The NRSP looks forward to continuing its local initiatives and adding more which will make an even greater difference to road safety in the country. Part of this includes aligning with the vision and mission of the international GRSP to create a body of strong organisations across the globe that are all dedicated to reducing the carnage on our roads,” says Herbert.


Dave Cliff, CEO of the GRSP based at the Secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in Geneva, Switzerland, says the organisation is committed to continuing its partnership approach, working closely with key road safety organisations worldwide. “Many of our partners have contributed to the body of good practice through local implementation of evidence-based interventions which are tailored to the local context.


“The sharing of this knowledge is so crucial in the help that it provides to other actors, both in the region and beyond. The NRSP in South Africa has been a strong partner over a great many years and we look forward to continuing our relationship and helping them achieve further impact on the ground.”


The NRSP was developed in South Africa in 1999 as an organisation committed to creating a country free of crashes and the consequent death and injury that follows with the help of all sectors: government, the public and other organisations.


The organisation builds partnerships that are committed to sustainable reduction of road fatalities and injuries. This includes educating community members in close proximity to dangerous roads and working with stakeholders to help contribute to community safety. NRSP members align their strategies with governmental initiatives as stated by the international GRSP. This includes sharing knowledge with other countries and adopting international road safety best practice.


Road safety is an issue that has a disastrous impact globally. “It is crucial that road safety actors work together. Government, civil society and the private sector all have roles to play, and the NRSP and the GRSP will continue to promote multi-sector partnerships to achieve our mission. This is especially true in the time of COVID-19, when so much focus has been diverted to the virus, we urge the road safety community to please, ‘keep your eyes on the road,’” says Cliff.



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