Philanthropic 2022


MasterDrive completed 2021 by helping making the dreams of disadvantaged children a reality. In association with the ‘Reach for a Dream Foundation,’ MasterDrive assisted a project that enabled children from two different children’s homes in South Africa to experience time on the Zwartkops Racetrack.


The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the afternoon was one well spent at the Raceway. “Time spent on a racetrack is something that only a few people, including adults, will ever experience. If we are in a position to help children who have already faced plenty of hardship in their lives have this experience, we could not be happier to do so.


“From the time of the children arrived they were enthralled with the Mustangs on display. Fortunately, however, they weren’t just there to look at the Mustangs but had an opportunity to get inside and feel what it is like to go to the max on the raceway. It is a thrilling experience for anyone and the children that had the opportunity to undertake in this endeavour we’re just as excited and enjoyed it thoroughly.”


In 2020, MasterDrive started a project where the company committed to assisting those less fortunate in our community as a way of helping people through the difficult times created by lockdown. “It was our way to give something back to the community. This initiative continued throughout 2021 and MasterDrive looks forward to starting it again in 2022.


What often makes these efforts more successful is working with other companies to genuinely help those in need or, as in this instance, make dreams come true. “For this reason, MasterDrive continually encourages corporations to get involved in our philanthropic initiatives. This can be by hosting a joint initiative that contributes to the community in some way, by bringing attention to an issue that affects many or by joining forces in any way that we can work together in changing lives.


“The rise of COVID-19 changed so many lives in various ways and unfortunately this was often in negative ways. Those who emerged from the pandemic with their jobs and their income is intact may not quite realise the full impact it had on other families. Whether you are a corporation or an individual, we encourage joining us in our philanthropic initiatives and help us give back to communities. We look forward to working with even more companies during 2022 in making this happen.”


If you would like to join MasterDrive in an upcoming initiative or know of an organisation or community in need, please email or with Philanthropic Initiatives in the subject line.


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