Prioritising trailer safety


An important part of encouraging safety of truck trailers is to encourage regular and proper maintenance. It is for this reason that this is the theme for this year’s Safety and Trailer Wellness Indaba promoted by TSE Big Max. Various topics will be discussed at the conference which will look at the role of maintenance in trailer safety and consequently road safety.


Improper maintenance of trucks is one of the top three most common causes of truck crashes in international research. Brake failure, worn tyres and even the quality of parts used can all affect trailer safety and have fatal consequences during a trip. It is for this reason that proper maintenance of trailers is encouraged in the industry.

According to the managing member of TSE Big Max, Omar Essop, a major focus at the Indaba is the danger of using cheaper, inferior parts. “We normally display samples or evidence of actual failed parts from across the industry. These parts are of poor quality and are sub-standard, safety critical parts. Most often the parts are imported at significantly cheaper prices than local higher quality parts. We find it very informative for people to see this first-hand.”

Essential to safety 

As a strong advocate of road safety, the MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, applauds the initiative of the Indaba. “Promoting road safety through safe driving techniques and proper maintenance for trailer safety is at the forefront of our agenda. It is always encouraging to see organisations and events supporting this initiative with us.

“The importance of a properly maintained vehicle cannot be underestimated. Many of the most serious truck accidents over the last few years can be traced back to poor vehicle maintenance. Drivers have enough to contend with on the roads including other reckless drivers, bad road conditions and demanding schedules. When you add a poorly maintained vehicle to the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Every fleet manager should also be aware of the cost savings associated with ongoing maintenance and consequent trailer safety. Costs are saved by replacing parts gradually rather than numerous parts at once. It also makes the chance of mechanical failure less likely therefore saving your business from the costs associated with crashes.

Some of the most experienced names in the industry are contributing to the discussion at the Indaba. “Each of these individuals has a wealth of information from their respective roles in the industry to add to the conversation. They are as dedicated to raising safety levels on our roads and have invaluable insight to share,” says Herbert.

The conference will take place on 26 November 2016 in Johannesburg. If you would like more information on the Safety and Trailer Wellness Indaba, call 010 231 2900 or email

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