Puma Energy at the SA Festival of Motoring


Last week, MasterTorque was at the media launch of the new packaging of Puma Energy’s lubricant range. It was held at Kyalami the day before the official opening of the SA Festival of Motoring to the public.


Additionally, as the platinum sponsor of the SA Festival of Motoring, Puma Energy supplied all the fuel and fuel additive for the vehicles going around the track in the coming days. The CEO introduced the brand to provide some background on the brand.


Puma Energy revealed that despite their limited footprint when compared to some of the bigger competitors, they choose to promote South African motorsport. They are also the latest sponsor of the Flying Lions in their Harvards, who made appearances at the show on Friday and Sunday.


It’s true that while many of us have seen Puma Energy’s panther logo on top of service stations, few of us know more. Eghosa Oriaikhi Mabhena, CEO of Puma Energy in Africa explained that PUMA Energy was established in Argentina in 1923 and now has retail outlets in 49 countries and manufactures in six, including South Africa.


Puma Energy stepped into Africa with an investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1950s and has grown its footprint outward from there. However, it sees South Africa as an essential element to continued success on the continent and is concentrating much of its investment here as a result.


Puma Energy then introduced Govert Spit, Global Head of lubricants. He launched their latest lubricant packaging. It is inspired by concerns about product tampering and counterfeit goods on the continent.


For years, lubricants were sold with an adhesive label on the front and back of the bottle making it possible to open and reseal the bottle at the lid. Now, Puma Energy Lubricants will be sold encased in a plastic sleeve that once opened cannot be resealed.


There were also changes to the appearance of the bottle to make choosing the correct oil easier for the consumer. The additional colour on the sleeves really does make the bottles more appealing.


Puma Energy is already receiving approvals from many manufacturers and will continue to fill in the gaps. Now that Puma Energy supplies all the fuel for the Festival, the technical director professed his aspirations to provide all the lubricants in the years to come too. We feel that this fits perfectly with their slogan: ‘inspiring change.’


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