Riding expressions: the electric era?


I had the opportunity to test something completely different to the norm this month. This was a fully roadworthy electric scooter called the ‘Road Runner.’ This scooter has a battery range of 80 km and a max speed of 50 km/h.


At first I thought this was the same as any other electric scooter out there, expect for one big and important difference: this one you can use legally on our roads. This is provided that you hold an A or A1 motorcycle licence and you have a DOT motorcycle helmet. Provided you have these few requirements, you are all set for your road trip.


Electric scooter 3So donning all my usual bike gear I mounted this little electric scooter and took to the road. It became quickly apparent that motorists saw this scooter and myself as a non-legal means of transport. This is because all of them made a great effort to go around me even though I was doing 50km/h on a downhill in a 60km/h zone. I soon decided to rather safely return to base.


Where is it useful?

electric scooter 2

The scooter is being used mainly for the security industry were guards have to patrol complexes and shopping centres and for this application the scooter is perfect. It is also a good option on the golf course. These little scoots can be modified to accommodate your golf bag and weight in at 200kg. It’s perfect for the golf course, especially if you live a few kilometres from the course. You can then strap you golf bag to the scooter and legally head off to the golf course.


Is this the future of commuting?

Although this scooter is roadworthy, and even has a spare battery on board which increased the range to 130 km plus, for now I don’t see this scooter as being very safe to commute with on South African roads. Yet, as I said, this it is perfect for security, sports events or even as a vehicle for an outing on a quiet Sunday.


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