On the right side of exchange rates


One of the greatest challenges faced by South African travellers is the unfavourable exchange rate. A coffee in the UK can cost you over R50 if you are lucky. Yet, there are many gems across the world where we have a favourable exchange rate. Visit one of these destinations to be on the right side of the exchange rate:



*R1 = approximately 1030 Rp


Indonesia travel

Beaches in Bali

Indonesia is the home of the idyllic getaway of Bali. This city is considered one of the top tropical destinations in the world because of its white beaches, rich diversity and bountiful marine life. One of the most appealing reasons to visit Bali is that it has not changed to serve tourists first but retains most of its natural cultural appeal.


Must-do experiences include: visit the various temples, tour a rice paddy, experience the wildlife and natural wonders, get a real feel for the culture.



R1 = approximately 8 JPY


Japan travel

Geisha from Japan

Even though Japan is traditionally considered an expensive tourist destination, things are changing. This is because it is becoming more tourist friendly and is going to be the home of the Olympics in 2020. Japan also has many remarkable places and experiences to enjoy. One of these is the city of Tokyo. It is full of amazing architecture, is the best place to get a feel for the local culture and of course the foodie experience is hard to beat.


Must-do experiences include: visiting Kyoto, staying in traditional accommodation and seeing the temples.



R1 = approximately 4 RUB


Russia travel

The beautiful architecture in Russia

Russia is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and is also the ninth most visited destination in the world. It is home to 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Russia is also made up of a number of different cultures which means you can enjoy a wide variety of food and traditions.


Must do experiences include: travelling around the Golden Ring of ancient cities, cruising along one of their big rivers and watching the St Petersburg ballet.



R1 = approximately 1.50 MXN


Mexico travel

The beaches in Mexico are a great attraction

Mexico is another popular tourist destination. Their architecture, ancient ruins, colonial cities and natural reserves make the country home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mexico also boasts many amazing beach resorts where swimming with dolphins is a major attraction.  There is an interesting cultural mix for tourists who like to spend time getting a real feel for countries.


Must-do experiences include: watching turtles make their way up the beach to lay their eggs, hiking through areas of historical and cultural significance and make a stop at Mexico City.



R1 = approximately 1.80 CZK


Prague travel

The city of Prague

Many cities in this European country are popular tourist destinations, especially its capital, Prague. A major attraction in this city is it vibrant nightlife. Bars, clubs and restaurants are located close to one another and drinks are some of the cheapest in Europe. The city is also rich in history with cobbled streets and awe-inspiring architecture.


Must-do experiences: see one of the last astronomical clocks in the world, hike up the hill to see the castle and leave a message on the John Lennon wall.


Do not let the weak rand get the best of you. Plan your next overseas trip to one of these destinations.


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