Sam says it’s almost a different car


In the middle of 2019 Opel introduced a diesel derivative to their Crossland X offering. It brings quite a change to the range and a welcome one at that. The extra fuel economy, torque and confidence that it brings to the drive make it seem almost a completely different vehicle all together.


The Opel Crossland X Enjoy has a 1.6 turbo diesel engine, in manual only. The car delivers less power at 68 kW which is slightly noticeable between the petrol and diesel variants. It, however, has a low-speed torque set at 230 Nm. Ultimately, if choosing between the petrol and the diesel, it would depend on what you prefer rather than a comparison between the two. Overall, it provides a responsive drive, easily suited to both town and traffic driving, and open road trips.



Theoretically, the fuel consumption is similar to the petrol variant. The claimed consumption for the diesel is 5.4L/100km while the petrol Crossland is set at 5.2L/100km. In the diesel, my actual consumption hovered around the 5.9 / 6L/100km mark whereas in the petrol variant I was never able to get it to drop lower than 7.9L/100km, despite my best efforts.




The exterior

As far as small SUVs go, it may be one of the better-looking options on the market. It tends to be one of those cars that draws reverent stares from passer-bys.



The interior

The interior had a few little quirks that set it apart. One of these, was the vanity mirror, that had lights on either side. Not, however, for applying make-up while driving. There is also a split-level boot (pictured) which can increase luggage space, which is very appealing especially if you have a family.


Then there were other quirks that were not quite so endearing. I connected to Bluetooth fairly easily but twice it disconnected for a reason that was not apparent to me.


While the materials were of good quality, comments from passengers were that the seats were not as comfortable as one would like. From the driver’s perspective, while the seat was not that bothersome to me, I did find that my height required me to put the seat much closer to the steering wheel than I ordinarily would sit in order to comfortably reach the gear stick. When I put my arms straight forward, the steering wheel rested below my wrists, rather than on my wrists which is best for ultimate airbag safety.


The climate control is also somewhat lacking. You have to set it much higher to cool the entire interior of the car on a hot day than what you would expect. This has the effect of making it sound like you’re sitting on top of Table Mountain on a windy day rather than in your car.


On a positive note, the noise insulation from the outside is so good that if you did not know it was a diesel on starting up, you wouldn’t even hear it.


The Opel Crossland X is a worthy competitor in the small SUV segment. It does, however, come in slightly more expensive than its competitors. Ultimately, if you like what the car has to offer, the difference is negligible.


Good to know

The specs

Engine: 1.6 turbodiesel

Power: 68 kW

Torque: 230 Nm

Claimed fuel efficiency: 5.4L/100km

Price: from R348 450

Warranties:  3 year/120 000km warranty and roadside assistance, 3 year/60 000 km service plan, 12 year/unlimited kilometre anti-corrosion warranty.


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