Sam says it’s Jazzy


One thing that is undeniable about the Honda Jazz Sport is that it is an exceedingly enjoyable car to drive. Within seconds of getting behind the wheel, you feel like you have been there forever and can stay there forever.


Same same but better

Having driven a Honda Jazz many times previously, it is interesting to see many characteristics of the older version still clearly present in the newer Jazz Sport except, with some new tricks to boast.


The first new feature in the Jazz Sport is the 1.5 litre i-VTEC naturally-aspirated engine featuring Earth Dreams Technology. This gives the driver 97 kW of power and 155 Nm of torque. The power output is slightly higher than the previous model.


The Jazz Sport does have paddle shifters which you can use to get more control over performance when necessary. Otherwise in auto, the car has more than enough power to overtake easily and handles well on the highway with enthusiastic responsiveness. I would, however, take more care on unkept or rural roads as the tyres will not win in a battle against a pothole.


The claimed fuel efficiency is 5.6L/100km. With a mixture of open road and suburban driving and very little driving in congested traffic, consumption hovered around the 7.0L/100km mark which, while not bad, could have been a bit better.



I thoroughly liked the new look of the latest Jazz Sport. It has evolved moving away from the boxier shaped car to a sleeker looking body. The manufacturer aimed for more aggressive styling with the Jazz Sport and that is what they achieved. The tested model also had black mags which gave it that extra sporty look.





The interior of the vehicle matches the sporty look created on the exterior. According to the manufacturers, the detailing is inspired by the Honda Civic Type-R. The steering wheel and seats are stitched in red and this colour is featured in various places in the car. Overall, it makes for a very appealing look that brings the Jazz Sport well into the future compared to previous generations.


Something that was retained from previous models is the versatility of the vehicle. It has one of the largest boots in its class. The seats, or Magic Seat system as coined by Honda, can also still be folded up to use the rear of the vehicle for storage space or pushed flat.


In the case of the Jazz I drove previously, it was selected by relatives because it was one of the few that could easily fit an electric wheelchair in the boot then fold up the back seats for groceries when shopping.


The Jazz Sport has plenty to offer those who want practicality without sacrificing a sporty, responsive car. Added to that, I could easily spend many hours behind the wheel of that car without a problem.


Good to know

The specs

Engine: 1.5L naturally-aspirated

Transmission: CVT

Power:  97 kW

Torque:  155 Nm

Claimed fuel efficiency: 5.6L/100km

Price: from R310 000

Warranties and service plans: Five-year/200 000 km warranty, four-year/60 000 km service plan, as well as a three-year AA Roadside Assistance package.



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