Water and love in Venice


Venice is the city of love and beauty according to the movies. In reality, it is not far off. Nothing can quite compare to a city without roads, where the main form of transportation are boats and the quaint little bridges over the canals. If you ever plan to visit Italy, Venice should be on the top of your list of places to see.


Views in Venice

Where to stay

There are hotels in central Venice for tourists but you can also stay off the island. Two of the most popular options is on The Lido island and an area on the mainland called Mestre. These are poplar alternatives because it can be cheaper.



Views from the water taxi

Most accommodation facilities have shuttles to central Venice making it easy to move between the two. I would recommend hostels in the Mestre. I have seen all types of travellers there from couples to families of four. They are convenient options as they have everything from restaurants to laundromats onsite. Be careful, however, that transport costs between your accommodation and central Venice do not make it more expensive.


When to go


Summer periods are incredibly crowded with tourists

Venice truly is a tourist town. Many locals have moved out of the city because of the large number of tourists and commute in each day. During the summer months from June to August, it is incredibly busy with tourists.


Consider visiting during the shoulder season when there is less people and temperatures are also more pleasant, ranging around 24 degrees celcius. I visited Venice in August and one of the only disadvantages was the huge amount of tourists to contend with.


Bridges over the canals

Must do experiences


Beautifully crafted gondolas

As clichéd as it seems, a gondola ride is a must. It is amazing to see how the gondoliers manoeuvre the gondolas between small spaces and right next to others without ever touching. The movies lead us astray as I can guarantee you, they will not sing for you. All you can expect from them is shouted conversation as they pass other gondoliers.


Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square is also another experience not to miss. As the hub of Venice it can get very busy but if you can block out the hubbub, take a moment to appreciate the architecture. There is Saint Mark’s Basilica on one side and the clock tower in another corner. You can also see San Marco Palace from inside and out. Be warned; do not let the pigeons sit on your body, they are full of germs.

San Marco Basilica

San Marco Basilica


Another essential is to go for a ride on a water taxi. Not only is it the best way to move around without getting lost but provides some of the best views of Venice. It takes longer to get between points on the water taxi than if you walk, so make sure you leave enough time. During hotter summer months try get a place at the front of the taxi because the inside gets very hot and full of people.



Palace in San Marco Square

If you have some extra time, try catch a lace demonstration. Venetian lace is handcrafted and some of the most beautiful you will ever see. It is interesting to find out what goes into making these masterpieces.


Venice one of the most beautiful and amazing places to tour. Visit now, before it sinks any more. A trip to Italy is not complete without a stop in Venice.


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