Women with Drive – THRIVE: a success


The fifth Woman with Drive event went off as a resounding success today. Participants were thoroughly intrigued and enjoyed the information shared during the roundtable discussion that provided, not only direction, but inspiration to be resilient and adaptive during what has proven to be a difficult time for many people and businesses.


The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says it is encouraging to see the support and excitement the event garners despite the change in our delivery. “While we elected to host it virtually again, this has not dimmed the audience participation. There was a burst of activity behind the scenes to admit all participants as quickly as possible and the interaction between guests and speakers began almost immediately. We are proud to still be bringing this event, that empowers and honours women in the transport industry, to so many people.


“During the second virtual event, Women with Drive – THRIVE, we sought to honour women who succeeded and continued to grow and evolve despite the challenges thrown at them by COVID-19. We also introduced speakers to address the topics of COVID-deaths and self-protection as gender-based violence increases. Both topics have become serious issues during current times.”


Thriving in an environment where a pandemic exists and is unlikely to completely end anytime soon is a considerable adjustment for most. “For this reason, we decided to keep our traditional roundtable talk where a selected group of ladies discussed this at length sharing their advice and personal experiences with the audience.


“Our hope is that anyone who has felt the pressure of thriving in our new world took some hope from the discussion and can use it to find the inspiration they need to make the adjustments required of them. From the feedback already received, this is what the discussion did for many.”


As always, the interactive and practical demonstrations were thoroughly enjoyed. “Following one of the most tragic waves South Africa has faced so far, grief is an issue that is now a part of many workplaces. Samantha Carey, a psychologist and NLP Practitioner, provided the audience with guidance on how best to handle grief in the workplace, whether that be the loss faced by others around you or how we ourselves can manage it.


“Another issue of concern is that of gender-based violence. This is something that grew at a considerable speed during lockdown as more time was spent at home and away from work which is a safe haven for many. Ivana Reis from Storm Combat provided a practical, real-life demonstration on defending your personal safety that was enthralling and potentially life-changing for many.”


The MasterDrive team appreciates the opportunity to present Women with Drive to the ladies in the transport and allied industries. “The lesson we hope to leave this year is to not only celebrate our successes within the industry during Transport Month but also learn from each other so that we can all thrive.”


If you would like to view the colloquium, please follow the below link to YouTube:


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